Lord Ganesh 


I know i have to work on this aspect of my life but it’s almost impossible being pregnant and learning patience. I honest can’t tell you the last time I mediated. I remember there was point in my life i use to do it everyday. Now it hard for me focus on anything. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions lately for me, i am guessing this is pregnancy at its finest. 

I have a million things to do before the baby comes, and i know the time is going to go by so quickly. I am very excited and honestly a little nervous. Becoming a parent is out of this world. It puts your entire life into perspective. It makes you think about your own parents and how much they had to go through. For that i am extremely grateful. 

Today, my in-laws have a birthday dinner for me, it’s very exciting. It feels so nice to be appreciated


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Suffering and Wisdom


'The fact of suffering is the first noble truth because it is a basic fact of life. It is first also because the awareness of and acceptance of the fact of suffering is the first step on the spiritual path, as it was for Shakyamuni Buddha. Without suffering, wisdom would be neither necessary nor…


The most ignored words in the world.

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Alone by Leif Erik Smith

Crying spells…

Being 6 months pregnant and trying to stay clam is impossible. So yesterday we went to the movies and the ticket girl did not allow me to take my water bottle in, she made me trash it and I broke into tears. Today I’ve been crying all evening since I got home from work - Before the shower, after the shower. I feel terrible for Scott… He’s truly my rock, my life.